Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Rhodesian Postcards: Cartoons by LU

Series of postcards by cartoonist "LU" from Rhodesia.

Crt 1
"I AM in reverse, Alice."

Crt 2
"This should be an interesting shot, George is going to stand perfectly still and stare him out."

Crt 3
"Get away, you're not having us for lunch, you horrible brute."

Crt 4
"Ah, mysterious Africa, the sound of thunder and it's not even the rainy season."

Crt 5
"The cubs and I have missed you, dear."

Crt 6
"Stop clowning around and throw him back, Fred."

Recompiled, by Eddy Norris, from scanned copies of the postcards made available to ORAFs by Dave Bowman. Thanks Dave.

I would appreciate any information on the cartoonist "LU" and can anyone provide a date that these cards became available.

The recompilation was done for no or intended financial gain but rather as a ORAFs initiative to record the memories of Rhodesia.

Thanks to:-
My son, Paul Norris, for the ISP sponsorship.
Paul Mroz for the image hosting sponsorship.
Robb Ellis for his assistance.

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Friday, 7 January 2011

Rhodesian Photos: Selukwe Main Street

Nick Baalbergen Writes:-

I thought the attached photos may be of interest to you.

The original photo is a rather faded black & white shot which was included in an old album I obtained some time ago. The photo annotation in the album simply states 'Selukwe - Main Street'. Many of the photos in the album date from about 1912, so I have added 'circa 1912' as a best guess date.

I digitally restored the photo and experimented with the addition of colour - the second photo.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Thanks to Nick Baalbergen for sharing his memories with ORAFs

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