Sunday, 11 July 2010

Stunning Salisbury

My good friend, Wally Joyce, recently received a number of Rhodesian Postcards form Mrs. Pat Wise, widow of the late John who was in the Safety Equipment Section of the Rhodesian Air Force.

Wally took time out to scan and forward the images to me. I then approached Wally to see if there was any identification on the cards, the information has now been added to the images.

ORAFs would like to record its thanks to Pat and also to Wally.

A personal observation is that I have never seen a photo including both the flame lily and Zimbabwe bird. See image 1.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.
Eddy Norris
December 2009

Photo  1
Christmas lights, Salisbury, First Street and Woolworths on left.

Photo 2
Jameson Avenue

Photo 3
Flamboyant Trees, Blakiston Street, Salisbury

Photo 4
Jacaranda Trees, Montagu Avenue, Salisbury

Photo 5
Jameson Avenue, Salisbury, facing West

Photo 6
Second Street - Cecil Square, Salisbury.

Photo 7
A view towards the Northern Suburbs

Photo 8
Salisbury, Livinstone House from Moffatt Street

John Mussell Wrote on July 11, 2010:-

Browsing the book "A Scantling of Time" by G H Tanser. Thinking of the colourful pictures of the Capital's superb tree-lined avenues you have sent out in recent times, I came across this picture and found the contrast fascinating. Those who designed and brought to life the city were certainly an energetic and far-sighted bunch.

Photo 9
Baines Ave, looking west from Third Street, 1896