Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Rhodesian Photos: Old Salisbury

Following photos of "Old Salisbury" were made available to ORAFs by Nick Baalbergen,

Nick Writes:-

I have attached original photos from about the same time. Note that the two early photos of Manica Road circa 1910 were taken before the construction of the Standard Bank building, which is conspicuously absent in both images. The early photo looking west from the corner of Manica Road and First Street, shows the site on which the Standard Bank would be built - left behind the horse.

Photo 1 School
Beit Memorial Public School in Salisbury. Circa 1912

Photo 2 Manica Rd
Manica Road Corner First Street Looking West in Salisbury. Circa 1910.
Photo 3 Manica Rd
Manica Road Looking East in Salisbury. Post Office on Right. Circa 1910.

Photo 4 Opening of Museum
The Opening Of The Original Museum on Which Girls High Now Stands Today.

Photo 5 Standard Bank Bldg
The Standard Bank Building (completed in 1911) Circa 1912.


Thanks to Nick for sharing his memories with ORAFs.

Comments and correspondence to Eddy Norris on orafs11@gmail.com

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Monday, 22 November 2010

Rhodesian Postcards: Old Salisbury

Glen Baker has made these postcard images of "Old Salisbury" available to ORAFs.

Old Sby 1
Alfred Beit and Victoria Memorial in Salisbury
Old Sby 3
Manica Road in Salisbury

Old Sby 6
Manica Road in Salisbury

Old Sby 4
Boys High School - Salisbury
(Was this later renamed to Prince Edward?)


Thanks to Glen for sharing his memories with ORAFs

Eddy Norris can be contacted on eMail


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Rhodesian Photos: Salisbury 1952

Nick Baalbergen made these photos, of Salisbury from 1952.

Photo 1
Salisbury Town Hall. 1952.

Photo 2
Salisbury. First Street looking north. 1952.

Photo 3
Salisbury. First Street looking south. 1952.

Photo 4
Salisbury. Haddon & Sly Department Store Stanley Avenue. 1952.

Photo 5
Salisbury. Manica Road looking west. 1952.

Photo 6
Salisbury. Old Meikles Hotel. 1952.

Photo 7
Salisbury. Stanley Avenue looking east. 1952.
(featured before with an almost identical earlier photo)

Photo 8
Salisbury. Stanley Avenue looking west. 1952.

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