Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Rhodesian Postcards: Cartoons by LU

Series of postcards by cartoonist "LU" from Rhodesia.

Crt 1
"I AM in reverse, Alice."

Crt 2
"This should be an interesting shot, George is going to stand perfectly still and stare him out."

Crt 3
"Get away, you're not having us for lunch, you horrible brute."

Crt 4
"Ah, mysterious Africa, the sound of thunder and it's not even the rainy season."

Crt 5
"The cubs and I have missed you, dear."

Crt 6
"Stop clowning around and throw him back, Fred."

Recompiled, by Eddy Norris, from scanned copies of the postcards made available to ORAFs by Dave Bowman. Thanks Dave.

I would appreciate any information on the cartoonist "LU" and can anyone provide a date that these cards became available.

The recompilation was done for no or intended financial gain but rather as a ORAFs initiative to record the memories of Rhodesia.

Thanks to:-
My son, Paul Norris, for the ISP sponsorship.
Paul Mroz for the image hosting sponsorship.
Robb Ellis for his assistance.

Should you wish to contact Eddy Norris please mail me on


At 14 August 2011 at 15:01 , Blogger Rhodesia Remembered said...

No doubt you have already found out but 'LU' was Ted Lucock who lived in Salisbury, certainly prior to the 1980's

Jack Lawrence

At 16 September 2013 at 20:16 , Blogger Natalie Cook said...

To whom it may concern. I personally have in my ownership 2 (two) personalized caricatures by Ted Lucock/80. They were done for and in admiration of my late father Detective Warrant Officer Odendaal. I am looking for information on the pieces. One piece is signed and on an original "squash Humour" card and the other is on blank card. Please could you get back to me in this regards. I lost my father 11 years ago.

Many thanks

Natalie Cook nee Odendaal


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